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RAPTOR is revolutionary applications intended for accurate protein structure prediction. It supplies three distinct lining systems and joins state-of-the-art evaluation tools in one integrated software solution. RAPTOR’s distinctive integer programming optimization strategy can create top quality models and is the most successful for locating construction templates of goals with low sequence homology. The simple-to-use interface and simple-to-comprehend E values are ideal for pros and novices. Most importantly, the intuitive display of the end product empowers users to comprehend the effects just at a glimpse.

The goal’s construction is subsequently constructed from the known construction; yet, when the sequence homology isn’t important, i.e. less than 25%, PSIBLAST cannot come up with an assured hit. Unlike PSI-BLAST, which just does recognition, folds, makes use of construction and homology info. With a scoring function and running compatibility evaluation between three dimensional arrangements and protein sequences that are linear, the greatest structural template will undoubtedly be recognized from which to assemble the construction of the sequence. Consequently, protein weaving provides a prediction that is first-class than homology modeling when there’s borderline sequence homology.

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RAPTOR is among the favorite software to design and assess Flowchart.

Raptor is a simple-to-use problem solving program which permits the user to create executable flowcharts. Raptor was composed for pupils being introduced to the computing area enhance algorithmic thinking and as a way to come up with problem solving abilities.

  • RAPTOR is distributed to the education community as a service.

Essential characteristics of RAPTOR


Flowchart can be prepared by  Pupil.

Their algorithms can be visualized by Pupil.

  • Flowchart tracing is potential in RAPTOR.
  • RAPTOR can create Java code from the specified Flowchart, C.

Their algorithm can be quite readily converted by pupils by subsequent symbols given in the RAPTOR tool to a flowchart.

The essential symbols are Iterations, Call, Input, Output, Choice and Assignment. You can make your algorithm into RAPTOR applications by putting added RAPTOR symbols / statements between the Beginning and End symbols.

  • Input Signal symbol enables user to input information. Such information is saved in some variant.
  • Output Signal symbol is utilized to show value of a variant.
  • Homework symbol may be utilized for processing and delegating values of variants.
  • Choice symbol lets you make “determinations” in your flowchart. It’s comparable to if if and switch statement of C language. A choice statement needs an expression that may be assessed into a “Yes/No”. Predicated on assessment response, additional actions will be taken by flowchart.

It’s much like while, do….while and for iteration of C language.

Review of Raptor

Raptor is a simple-to-use problem solving program which permits the user to create executable flowcharts. Raptor was composed for pupils being introduced to the computing area enhance algorithmic thinking and as a way to acquire problem solving abilities.

The Symbols place in the top left presents the 6 main graphical symbols which can be utilized in Raptor:

The homework symbol is utilized to give a variable a string or numeric value.

The call symbol is utilized to make calls to external processes, for example images routines.

The choice construction is used for decision making.

The loop construction is used for repetition and iteration.

The region immediately below the Symbols place is the Watch Window.

The big, white region to the right is the principal Workspace. Users can construct their flowcharts in this area and observe as they run them upgrade.

This area enables the user to modify settings and command performance and the viewpoint of person flowcharts.

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