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Digital image processing

The large amount of visual details and the requirement for its processing, lead scientists and service technicians to research study in order to find a way for digital image storage and processing using computers. As the title suggests, Digital Image Processing is concentrated on digital images and their processing by a computer system. Digital image processing can be used for numerous reasons: improvement of the quality of images, filtering of noise caused by transmission, compression of image information, and image storage and digital transmission.

Digital Image Processing Vs Digital Signal Processing



Every image can be described as a two-dimensional signal. For the analysis and processing of digital images all the strategies of digital signal processing can be used. This location supplies the theoretical and programming base for image processing.

Digital Image Processing Vs Graphic

Basically, the topic of graphic is digital synthesis. Therefore, the input is a symbolic description and the output is a digital image. For this function, a geometric modelling of the display item occurs, as well as a digital description of the lighting conditions and digital production of the items’ illuminants in the presumed position of the video camera.

Digital Image Processing Vs Artificial Intelligence

Synthetic intelligence and image understanding are fields where a symbolic representation of an image is transformed to another more complex representation or a representation more easily understandable to people. On the other hand, image processing is more associated to the lower levels of vision, that take place in the human eye and optic nerve and as an outcome it is likewise known as low level vision.

Digital Image Processing Vs Telecoms

The field of telecom is related to digital image transmission in telecommunication networks that send voice and data. A crucial issue concerning image transmissions is the compression of the images’ content, considering that a colour image needs about 750 Kbytes for its description. Digital image processing is likewise directly linked to the HDTV (High Meaning TELEVISION).


This tutorial provides you the knowledge of extensively used techniques and treatments for analyzing digital images for image improvement and repair and carrying out operations on images such as (blurring, zooming, honing, edge detection, e.t.c). It also focuses on the understanding of how the human vision works. How do human eye picture a lot of things, and how do brain translate those images? The tutorial also covers some of the essential principles of signals and systems such as (Sampling, Quantization, Convolution, Frequency domain analysis e.t.c).

Signals and systems

Given that DIP is a subfield of systems and signals, so it would ready if you already have some understanding about signals and systems, but it is not required. You need to have some standard concepts of digital electronic devices.


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